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Poker Workbook (Preflop & Math)

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Poker Workbook (Preflop & Math)

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The simple truth is that poker is a game of math. And the only way to improve your technical poker skills is to practice them the right way.

The Poker Math & Preflop Workbook helps you bridge the gap between theory and practice through focused repetition of situations and calculations. You will learn key concepts, internalize the formulas, complete exercises that put them to use, and develop a well-rounded understanding of universal poker math. Each drill improves your retention and builds an intuition that you will use in every session you ever play.

Concepts include:

  • Equity
  • Range Building
  • Combos & Blockers
  • Pot Odds & Implied Odds
  • Breakeven % & Auto-Profit
  • EV
  • Open-Raises & Isolations
  • 3Bets & Squeezes
  • 4Bets
  • Preflop All-Ins

There are over 1,500 calculations to complete, a full answer key to ensure you got everything correct, and principles that apply to ANY NLHE game. Poker math applies to online and live poker, tournaments and cash games - and there are situations in the workbook from all of those. 

Make it your goal to do a few pages per day, and see how quickly you can train your brain to calculate these things automatically in real-time. 

Even if you dislike math, you are 100% capable of improving this skillset. This is the same kind of work I did when learning to play poker at a deeper level, and I have no doubt that it will help build & refine your abilities as well!

💻 Need Software?

Most of this workbook can be done using free poker software like Equilab. But if you want to upgrade your off-table study workflow, I've put together a bundle of premium software. Choose the eBook+Software version and you will ALSO get:

  • A Flopzilla Pro Lifetime License (Windows-Only)
  • My Custom Flopzilla Range Presets
  • A Basic Premium Poker Tools Lifetime License (Mac & Windows)

Use either, or both, and complete this workbook even quicker.

Learn more about the Poker Math & Preflop Workbook here.

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