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The SplitSuit Poker Spreadsheets

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Begin using the spreadsheets that high-level poker players use to study and proof their plays. Analyze everything from simple EV scenarios to complex multiway all-ins; complete with free poker videos showing how I use these sheets to study actual hands.

This pack includes the following poker spreadsheets:

  • All-In EV Spreadsheet
  • Multiway EV Spreadsheet
  • Basic EV Spreadsheet
  • Compare Basic EVs Spreadsheet
  • Breakeven % Spreadsheet
  • River Bet vs. Check Spreadsheet
  • Squeezing Spreadsheet
  • Multiple Folders Spreadsheet
  • Outright Bluffing EV Spreadsheet
  • Pot Odds Spreadsheet
  • Implied Odds Spreadsheet
  • Pot Geometry Calculator *UPDATED*
  • Runout Spreadsheet
  • Floating (Simplified) Spreadsheet
  • River Call vs. Raise Spreadsheet
  • Simple Setmining Spreadsheet
  • Live Stack Size Spreadsheet *NEW*
  • Setting Up A PSB Spreadsheet *NEW*
  • Pot-Sized Raise (PSR) Spreadsheet *NEW*
  • Shoving vs 2 Players EV Spreadsheet *NEW*
  • Hand History Template *BONUS*

You can get all of those for $0...

or give any number of chips and you will also receive the following:

  • My Playing One Pair Hands @ $2/$5 PRO Video
  • A $100 coupon for my Poker Workbook Packs
  • A $25 coupon for my Advanced PokerTracker 4 Pack
  • A $25 coupon for the ROYAL Edition of Optimizing Ace King
  • Plus a few extra discounts!

I hope you enjoy everything and that these sheets aid you well along your poker journey. Shalom!

James "SplitSuit" Sweeney

* I've done my absolute best to ensure that all formulas, calculations, and spreadsheets are free from errors. In the event you find any inaccuracies, please contact with the name of the sheet, affected cell(s), and why you feel something is incorrect. Please know that some sheets have cells that appear blank, but actually contain information to allow graphing features to function properly. Please avoid modifying any sheet unless you know what you are doing. Please make sure to test and calibrate the spreadsheets before using them. And please only use these sheets while studying - never while playing in real-time. Have fun exploring, and I hope these sheets save you hundreds of hours while making you a multiplier more in profits!

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The SplitSuit Poker Spreadsheets

225 ratings
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