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The Postflop Workbook

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The Postflop Workbook

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The Postflop Poker Workbook is the perfect off-table study routine for intermediate-advanced players. With exercises that guide you through the same technical exploration and analysis the best grinders do, you'll start seeing the game more objectively. Stop spending valuable time at the tables doing basic calculations, and instead offload those calculations during your study time.

Exercises include:

  • Flop textures
  • Combos & blockers
  • Hitting vs. missing on each street
  • SPR
  • All-in EV
  • Runouts
  • Floating
  • Pot geometry
  • River play
  • +Complete hand breakdowns

There are over 1,700 calculations to complete, a full answer key to ensure you got everything correct, and principles that apply to ANY NLHE game. 

Make it your goal to do just 5 pages per day, and see how much clearer postflop analysis becomes. Know how often good vs. bad runouts occur, how different bet sizing strategies impact the final pot size, and when a bet vs. check is best on the river with a marginal hand.

Keep in mind that this is intermediate-advanced level work, and requires intermediate-advanced software. You can do this entire workbook with Flopzilla Pro and the included spreadsheets to make complex calculations in seconds.

💻 Need Software?

Choose the eBook+Software version and you will ALSO get:

Use either, or both, and complete this workbook even quicker.

Learn more about The Postflop Poker Workbook here.

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