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The One Percent (Poker Course)

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Poker is a game that’s all ego and bluffs on the surface, but under the hood, it’s all math and frequencies. This series teaches you the ins-and-outs of a frequency-first strategy that your opponents simply will not beat. Learn how to spot your opponent's leaks, fix your own, and win more by folding less in an intelligent way.

This course contains 11 videos and includes extras to help you retain the information better. The total runtime of the videos is 7+ hours (all 1080p HD video) and you can download them immediately to study on any device. You could easily do this entire course in a single weekend, though revisiting it from time to time is a great idea no matter how often you play.

There are two editions of this course:


☑ The complete 11-video course

☑ My custom 70% spreadsheet

☑ Exercises & answer keys


☑ Everything in the BASIC Edition

☑ 5 extra in-depth hand breakdowns using this model

☑ Get 2 professional breakdowns of YOUR hands

☑ *BONUS* Unfolding Poker ebook+audiobook ($40 value)

☑ *BONUS* Unfolding 90-minute Q&A ($99 value)

☑ *BONUS* Playing vs. Unknowns Webinar ($99 value)

💡 Want to study this course, along with many others, for one low monthly price? Want extra homework, entry to my private Discord to ask questions, and early access to future books & courses? Join THE VAULT today, and I'll see you in there!

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The One Percent (Poker Course)

20 ratings
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