The Hand Reading Lab

19 ratings

This is the most comprehensive video course ever created about hand reading in poker. Stop guessing what they have and start knowing exactly what their range looks like every step of the way. With 25+ videos and bonus content, there is no greater course for players looking to 3bet wider, bluff more, and value bet thinner than ever.

What's Included?

  • Theory videos that lay the groundwork for understanding hand reading on a holistic level
  • Exercises to help you practice your range building skills
  • Preflop videos focused on helping you dissect a player's opening range, 3betting range, what they call YOUR raises with, etc.
  • Postflop videos focused on building their range when they have the lead in the hand (when they CB, double barrel, etc.) and also when you have the lead (what are they calling your bets and raises with?)
  • Example videos showing you how to build ranges quickly and efficiently given the information you have available
  • BONUS: Flopzilla license & my Flopzilla range presets
  • BONUS 2: My 2-hour hand reading webinar
  • BONUS 3: How To Hand Read Live TAGs. Learn exactly what the regs in your live games are playing and then craft easy lines to apply maximum pressure to them!

With the bonuses, you get over 10 hours of poker training videos to help you become a solid hand reader. Remember, every play you want to run requires solid hand reading - and this course will give you that skillset in spades!

💡 Want to study this course, along with many others, for one low monthly price? Want extra homework, entry to my private Discord to ask questions, and early-access to future books & courses? Join THE VAULT today, and I'll see you in there!

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The Hand Reading Lab

19 ratings
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