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Unfolding Poker Book

7 ratings
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Unfolding Poker Book

7 ratings

Unfolding Poker: Advanced Answers To The Most Frequently-Asked Poker Questions, by James "SplitSuit" Sweeney, takes questions ranging from "how can I use my table image to my advantage?" to "what should I do when my continuation bets stop working?" and gives actionable answers that you can use in your next session.

Unfolding Poker is a quick read that allows you to open up to any chapter and get an answer you can immediately use. If you have some poker questions, this book has your answers. Save tons of time when studying poker between sessions!

The available versions are:

eBook-Only ($20 total)

  • Contains the full-color ebook (.PDF format)

+ Audiobook ($40 total)

  • Contains the full-color ebook (.PDF format)
  • Includes the 2.5 hour long audiobook in .MP3 format. Each chapter is a unique file making it easier to dive right into the chapter you are looking for!

This book is currently ranked #3 for poker strategy books by TopPokerValue! Grab your copy and see why ğŸ˜ƒ

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133 Pages
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